Recipe: Tasty Chicken Panang Curry

by Michael Kaera

Chicken Panang Curry.

Chicken Panang Curry You can cook Chicken Panang Curry applying 19 elements and seven actions. Right here is how you cook that.

Components of Chicken Panang Curry

  1. Put together of Chicken Thighs (lower in dice dimension).
  2. You want of little can Coconut Milk.
  3. It really is of Red Chili (Reduce into extended strip).
  4. You want of gula melaka.
  5. Put together of Fish sauce.
  6. It really is of Coriander Leaf.
  7. Put together of Panang Curry Paste.
  8. You want of dried red chillies (soak in sizzling water for 10 mins).
  9. You want of Shallots.
  10. You want of garlic.
  11. You want of inches of galangal (Chopped).
  12. Put together of Kaffir leaves (Chopped thinly, saved half for garnish).
  13. It really is of Coriander Root (finely Chopped).
  14. It really is of lemongrass (eliminated the skin and head).
  15. It really is of shrimp paste.
  16. You want of Cumin Powder.
  17. You want of coriander powder.
  18. It really is of lime (use the peel, chopped finely).
  19. Put together of peanuts (optional).

Chicken Panang Curry guidelines

  1. Soak dried chilies in sizzling water for 10 mins. Reserve the sizzling water for later on use..
  2. To make curry paste, include all ingredient into blender and mix. The moment it&#39s carried out, include a bit of reserved water to mix yet again to type the paste..
  3. In a pan, include oil and heat up the oil. Include the curry paste in and stir fry for a min..
  4. Include chicken in and cook for a number of mins..
  5. Include 95% of the coconut milk in and shut the lid and simmer for 30 mins..
  6. Include the seasoning now. Include a bit of gula melaka and fish sauce in to taste..
  7. Prior to serving, include five% of the coconut milk, rest of kaffir leaves, lower chilies (optional) in excess of the chicken. Serve..

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